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Healthcare Crisis: Who's At Risk?
Recommended Web sites for Classrooms

Healthcare Crisis: Who's at Risk? Companion Web site.
(Should be your first source for all lessons)


Frontline: The High Price of Health

Managed Care

Choosing Health Insurance

Managed Care Handbook

Health Care Terminology

A Consumer's Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

Understanding Health Insurance Terms

Glossary of Health Care Terms

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

Sorting Out the Details of Private Health Insurance

Glossary of Insurance Related Terms

Medicaid Explained

Medicaid - Ten Basic Questions Answered

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

How To Choose a Health Plan

How Do I Compare Health Plans?

Your Guide to Choosing Quality Health Care: Summary

Choosing and Using a Health Plan


The Yale Guide to Choosing a Medicare Health Plan

Medicare: The Official U. S. Government Site for Medicare Information

Report Details Seniors High Health Costs

High Drug Costs

Study Says Elderly Prescription Costs Outpaced Inflation

Prescription Drug Pricing Stories

Uninsured Americans

U.S. Plan Seeks Equality in Health Care

The Alarming Growth in the Number of Uninsured

High Prescription Costs

Prescription Drug Coverage And Pricing Study Released in U.S. By President Clinton"

Prescription Drug Costs

Baby Steps To Medicare Drug Plan

Will the FDA Listen to Consumers?

FDA: 'Complex issues' require study

Government Regulation of Health Care

The Alarming Growth in the Number of Uninsured

The Washington Health Care Watch

DOCUMENTS IN THE NEWS - 1999 Laws and Proposed Legislation (Health Care Reform Section)

Presidential Platforms on Health Care

The Healthcare Reform Debate

Physicians for a National Health care Program (various articles)

U. S. Plan Seeks Equality in Health Care

GOP Offers $40B Senior Drug Plan

Bush proposes $42B in aid to poor

Clinton Proposes Big Health Investments

The Politics Behind New Drug Benefits For Seniors

The Presidential Candidates' Healthcare Positions

History of Health Care

Health Insurance History

Physician Issues

Frontline: Dr. Solomon's Dilemma

Many Doctors Bend Rules to Help Patients, Study Reports

Escalating Costs

What's Happening With Insurance Costs and How It Impacts You

Ideas for Solutions

The Washington Health Care Watch

The Presidential Candidates' Healthcare Positions


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