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Hood Today
Hood Today

An Invincible Ship
The British public saw HMS Hood as invincible - so her loss was devastating to morale at home. Even those who had no direct connection with the ship remember her today. But there are also many thousands of crew members and their relatives and friends who want to commemorate the ship and remember her history as well as her demise.

Hood Association
More than 10,000 men served on Hood between 1920 and 1941.

Ted Briggs - last remaining survivor

In 1975, several of them, along with two of the three men who survived when she sank in the Denmark Strait on 24 May 1941, set up the HMS Hood Association. The last remaining survivor, Ted Briggs, is now president of the association, which includes veteran sailors, their families, members of the bereaved families and many other people who are interested in the history of the Mighty Hood.

Continuing Debate
Sixty years after the bitter losses of Britain and Germany's most powerful ships, members of the Hood Association and the Kameradschaft Bismarck meet together. There is lively debate on both organisations' websites as well as on this site's forum. Some questions about Hood and Bismarck will be resolved by this ambitious ITN/Channel 4 expedition. Inevitably however, the battle between these two great ships, in which so much hope was invested, will continue to be discussed.