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The Battleships by Rob McCauley and Ian Johnston (Channel 4 Books, 2000) 20.00.
Relates the story of the battleships from the Battle of Trafalgar to the Gulf war, and their role in global history.

The Admiralty Regrets by Paul Kemp (Sutton Publishing, 1998) 25.00.
Chronicles the losses of the British Navy warships in the twentieth century and traces the development of naval warfare and weaponry. Illustrated with photographs.

History of the Royal Navy in World War II by Robert Jackson (Airlife Publishing, 1997) 19.95.
Follows the major actions including the first disastrous attempts at raids on enemy ports.

The Imperial War Museum Book of the War at Sea by Julia Thompson (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1997) 15.99.
Story of the war at sea as seen by British sailors, from ordinary seamen to admirals, in their memoirs, diaries and taped interviews.

All The World's Battleships (Conway Maritime Publishing, 1999) 15.99.
Technical data and design are provided as well as background and careers of the world's battleships and battle cruisers.

Battleships of World War II by M.J. Whitley (Cassell Military, 1998) 20.00.
Illustrated overview of the major ships of 10 navies in action in World War II. Includes armour and armament, technical specifications, service and engagement and ultimate fate.

The German Navy Handbook 1939 - 1945 by Jay P. Mallmann Showell (Sutton Publishing, 1999) 25.00.
Examines the different roles of the fleet, organisation and training activities during the war years.

HMS Hood

Flagship Hood: The fate of Britain's mightiest warship by Alan Coles and Ted Briggs (Robert Hale, 1996) 12.99.
Historical reference on HMS Hood. Thoroughly covers the ship's career from concept to wreck. Includes section written by one of the Hood survivors.

Battleship: HMS Hood by John Roberts (Conway Maritime Modellers Series, 1998) 9.99.
Maps, scale plans, diagrams, contemporary photographs and camouflage details of the battle cruiser.

Seapower Ashore (Chatham Publishing, 2001) 25.00.
Overview of the Royal Navy's role in land warfare over the past 200 years including landing a field gun crew by HMS Hood during the Norwegian campaign of 1940.

Anatomy of the Ship: The battle cruiser Hood by John Roberts (Conway Maritime Press, 1982).
A visual reference book containing superb diagrams and schematics of the ship itself as well as individual components.

Man O' War 6: Hood design and construction by Maurice Northcott (Bivouac, 1977) (Out of print. Available in libraries).
Widely regarded as the essential technical and historical reference on HMS Hood.

Bismarck and Hood: Great naval adversaries by Paul Kemp (Arms and Armour, 1991) (Out of print - available from libraries).
Examines in detail both ships and gives accounts of their careers and ultimate fates.

Journal Articles on HMS Hood

'Who sank the Hood?' by Ron Vielica, Sea Combat magazine, Spring, 1979, pp.16-23.
Speculative account which investigates the possibility that a shell from the Prinz Eugen actually caused the sinking.

'HMS Hood' by D.G. Weldon, Warship International, No.2, 1972, pp.114-157.
An excellent overall account with a good mixture of technical and operational details.

The Bismarck

The Bismarck Chase by Robert J. Winklareth (Chatham Publishing, 1998) 20.00.
The battle of the Denmark Strait is described in context with details of ships, background to German strategy, and an account of the final hunting and destruction of the Bismarck.

Battlefront: Sinking of the Bismarck (Public Records Office, 2001) 12.99.
12 original documents recreate the dramatic search, chase and sinking of the Bismarck. Features colour maps, illustrations, reports, cutaway illustrations of the Bismarck and the deck plans that reveal fatal weaknesses in HMS Hood's armour.

Pursuit: The sinking of the Bismarck by Ludovic Kennedy (Cassell Military, 2001) 6.99.
Provides a thorough and gripping account of the hunt for the Bismarck.

Battleship Bismarck - A survivor's story by Burkhard von Mullinheim Rechberg (Naval Institute Press, 1990) 24.95.
Personal narrative that chronicles the entire career of the Bismarck from its commissioning to its sinking by the allies.

Battleships of the Bismarck Class: Bismarck and Tirpitz by Bernard Koop, Klaus Peter Schmolke, Geoffrey Brooks (Naval Institute Press, 1998) 39.95.
Contains photographs, diagrams and internal schematics of the two battleships.

The Loss of the Bismarck by Graham Rhys-Jones (Cassell Military, 2000) 12.99.
Discusses the role of the high command in German naval strategic and operational decisions, and investigates how the disaster was probably the result of military strategy.


Warship International
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Quarterly journal published by the International Naval Research Organisation. Internationally recognised as the most authoritative English language publication in the warship field. Subscription details on web site.

Warship World
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Bi-monthly magazine packed with articles and photographs giving good balance between the 'old' and 'new' navy. Six issues 18.00.