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Each of the following questions and activities are designed to stimulate discussion and action in classrooms at both high school and university levels, and in your community.

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The UGC and other peasants’ rights groups in Mozambique organized a campaign to give people rights to use the land. Part of the challenge they faced was determining a way for poor people who had no legal training to prove that they had occupied and farmed a piece of land for more than 10 years. Discuss this issue with the group.

• What ideas do they have for proving that a person should have rights to land?
• What kind of rights should people have to claim abandoned land?
• What kind of land rights issues are audience members aware of in their own country?
• Some topics to consider might include zoning laws (such as the type and size of
  buildings that can be erected in a certain location), tenant farmers’ rights,
  environmental issues related to land development, rights of Native Americans to claim
  land they consider sacred, mineral rights on public or private land, or the right of the
  government to claim land for a variety of purposes related to development or