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Each of the following questions and activities are designed to stimulate discussion and action in classrooms at both high school and university levels, and in your community.

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When violence became too severe at the Aha Thuto school in South Africa, the principal closed the school, and then began allowing only students whose parents accompanied them to attend.

• How do audience members feel about the role of parents and other community
  members in managing a school?
• What should be the responsibilities of students in such a situation?
• What would happen if such a rule were instituted in your community’s schools?

When Nelson Mandela visited Orange Farm, the township was in the midst of a struggle to build a new school. Mandela addressed their concerns with the following comments: “We want to ensure a better life for everybody in this country. And that better life means the creation of jobs, the building of houses, of schools, the making of new roads. I have brought today none of these things.”

• What does it mean to provide such benefits as a free education for citizens?
• Is your education free?
• What are the costs, values, and rewards of a free public education?