Nursing Home Reform

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An elderly, frail African American woman sits in a chair looking up at an aide worker, a younger African American woman who is smiling at her and touching her arm. The room is homey, with a dresser and mirror, and an etching of an African American woman hanging on the wall. A close-up of an older Caucasian man with wispy, white hair, a white mustache and glasses, sitting in a fabric-covered, wingback chair wearing a long-sleeved polo, looking directly at the camera, his arm across his chest.

The length of life ain’t important to me; the quality is. 
—Ralph Nelson, age 84, Saint John’s On The Lake resident

Meet the residents, their families and caregivers at Saint John’s On The Lake—a retirement community that is transforming the nursing home model. 

Bravely challenging stereotypes with humor, heartache and truth, ALMOST HOME offers an intimate, thought-provoking look at the way we approach aging today.
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