Along side a highway, in the foreground is a wrist wearing a silver bracelet, the attached hand in the thumb up hitchhiking position—in the distance is the blurry image of a RV coming up the road An East Indian man with a salt and pepper beard and moustache wearing a dark grey turban, a blue sport shirt and a grey T-shirt underneath, stands in front of a broken down SUV, doors open, a teenage boy sits in the back seat. His look is serious and pensive.

“Dad, no one is going to stop for us, because you look like a terrorist.”
—Ranjit Singh

When a Sikh American family’s car breaks down en route to the Grand Canyon, their only hope for escape is the remote desert highway and the occasional passing car. When car after car fails to stop, family members are forced to confront their notions of faith, conformity, tradition and sacrifice—and question what it means to be “American” today.
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