When an Iranian American photographer and his American wife travel to Iran for their traditional Persian wedding, the groom’s sister chronicles their struggles and excitement on film.

Set against the turbulent relationship between the U.S. and Iran, ARUSI PERSIAN WEDDING weaves the couple's personal story with historical footage and offers a glimpse into a vibrant and complex country rarely seen in Western media. Photo: A black-and-white portrait of a man in a dress shirt and a woman wearing a white headdress smiling for the camera Read more about the film Check Local Listings Watch Preview
A black-and-white photo of a man sitting on a bench outside with his leg up and his hand on his knee, smiling “For Heather to have a Persian passport, and be able to travel with me as my wife to Iran, we have to get married under Islamic Law. It takes a pretty amazing girl to step up like that.” —Alex Tehrani
Photo Journal
Participate in the personal journey photographer Alex Tehrani and his bride Heather take when they visit Iran for their Persian wedding.
Behind the Scenes
“My name, my features and my foreign father have always separated me from fully identifying as an 'American.'”
—Marjan Tehrani
Several black-and-white photos, including one of a woman in a white headdress and another of several young women on a street, beneath a postcard of a map that rea.  Below: A man in a plaid button-down shirt sitting on a couch with his arms around two women in white headdresses, all of them smiling
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