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The Film

Tru Films
Explore the site for the filmmaker’s production company.

Alex Tehrani
View Alex’s photography portfolio, which includes images from Africa to Asia to South America, as well as high profile personalities and stories of “personal and political interest.”

Independent Lens Community Cinema: ARUSI PERSIAN WEDDING Discussion Guide
Get background information about Iran, read questions for “thinking more deeply,” explore suggestions for action and more.

Still in Motion: Interview: Marjan Tehrani
Read a 2008 interview with filmmaker Marjan Tehrani and hear her talk about documentary filmmaking and ARUSI PERSIAN WEDDING.

Iran and Iranian-Americans

Central Intelligence Agency: The World Factbook: Iran
Get population statistics, governmental and economic facts as well as other information about Iran.

BBC News: Country Profile: Iran
View a timeline of key events in Iranian history and facts about contemporary Iran.

ParsTimes: Iranian-American Organizations
Get statistics for Iranian Americans and explore links to related organizations.

U.S.-Iran Relations

The New York Times: Secrets of History: The CIA in Iran
Learn about the classified history that revealed the CIA’s orchestration of the 1953 military coup that overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh and reinstated the Shah. This special Web feature includes timelines, archival photos and more.

Council on Foreign Relations: Timeline: U.S.-Iran Contacts
Read a timeline and related articles on U.S.-Iranian relations after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror (Stephen Kinzer; Wiley, 2008)
An in-depth telling of the American CIA’s 1953 overthrow of the Iranian government.

Confronting Iran: The Failure of American Foreign Policy and the Next Great Crisis in the Middle East
(Ali M. Ansari; Perseus Books, 2006)

Historian Ali Ansari provides context for the current U.S.-Iran relationship and situates it within “a long history of mutual antagonism.”

Persian Weddings

Culture of Iran: Iranian Marriage Ceremony, Its History and Symbolism
This article outlines the beliefs and historical customs of traditional Persian wedding ceremonies.

Persian Mirror
Examine an online magazine “for Persian weddings, cuisine, culture and community.”

Persian Wedding Traditions and Customs
Learn about Persian weddings, see pictures of wedding spreads and hear traditional Persian wedding songs.


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