Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

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  • About the Film

    A young Japanese man stands in the foreground with a butterfly net resting on his shoulder

    Japan's traditional fascination with insects could help urbanized Westerners reimagine their relationship with nature.

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  • Director’s Statement

    A video camera sits atop a tripod on Mount Fuji, the sun setting behind it.

    Director Jessica Oreck explains how a history of Japan’s relationship with insects might change not only the way you think about bugs, but the way you think about life.

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  • Talkback

    A young Japanese boy looks with wide-eyed wonder at something beyond the frame.

    Have you ever had an exotic pet? Do some creatures freak you out too much to keep in your home? Tell us about your creepy crawly, slimy, scaly, furry or feathered friends and what you've learned from them.

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