Film Credits

written, directed & produced by
Vanessa Gould

executive producer
Sally Rosenthal

original score
Gil Talmi

edited by
Kristi Barlow

associate producer
Ariel Friedman

Melissa Donovan

additional cinematography in Israel
Philippe Bellaiche

+ SCALE / New York, NY

still photography
Lynton Gardiner

Alexis Van Hurkman

additional camera
Christine Ka'Aloa
P.H. O'Brien
Josh Wick

foreign language translations
Sophia Bastian
Uta von Debschitz
Ariel Friedman
Naomi Friedman
Joy Gila
Al Jerrari
Kana Kimoto
Toshiko Kobayashi
Dorian Saintier

additional moving image resources
carhs GmbH

Le Crimp

The Format, Nettwerk Records & Nylon LA

Jamie Kelley

"Origami: Akira Yoshizawa - From the Forming Hands, Deity" a film by KINOKUNIYA Company Ltd.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Computational Research Division (S. Crivelli, R. Oliva, C. Siegerist, J. Meza)

"Origami" ©2007 Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

Frida Mizrahi

ORF Austrian Broadcasting

additional still image resources
A.K. Peters

Department of Energy

Dwight Eschliman

Jason Grow

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Eduard Manet – Roses and Tulips
Photo: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY

Mingei International Museum

Piet Mondrian –Tableau No. II with red, blue, black, yellow and grey, 1921-25
© 2008 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust, c/o HCR International, Warrenton VA
Photo: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY


Protein Data Bank Archive, Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics, Rutgers University

Time Magazine

University of California

The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - SIF309

Richard Bronskill

Score Coordinator and Vocals
Helen Coleshill

Additional Musicians
Becca Schack
Rob Jost

Additional Song
“The Compromise”
Performed by The Format
Written by Sam Means and Nate Ruess
Published by Means+Ruess Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Nettwerk Music Group

Special thanks
Richard Alexander
Beat Street Productions
Kristina & Gary Duncan
Vincent Floderer
David Gelber
Miri Golan
Hello World Communications
Dr. Thomas Hull
Independent Feature Productions
Paul Jackson
Eric Joisel
Rajiv Joseph
Michael LaFosse
Dr. Robert Lang
Alex & Max Marshall
Chris K. Palmer
Kenn Rabin
J. Ward Regan
Jeff Rutzky
June & Gary Sakamoto
Mrs. Kiyo Yoshizawa

fiscal sponsor
Public Media Inc.

funding provided by
Kirsten and David Gould
William & Margaret Walter
Michael Barnstijn & Louise MacCallum
Christina Hahn
National Philanthropic Trust
Erik & Martin Demaine
and others, a complete list is available from PBS

This program was produced by Green Fuse Films, which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2009, Green Fuse Films. All rights reserved.

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