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The Film

BETWEEN THE FOLDS: Filmmaker Website
Read the filmmaker’s blog, get information on screenings and more.

Origami History

Joseph Wu Origami
Explore this artist’s website, which includes a history of origami and related links.

The Origami Swami: Timeline of Paperfolding
View a timeline on the history of paper folding and origami.

Origami Resources and Diagrams

Origami Resource Center
This online resource center includes hundreds of free diagrams and folding instructions.

OrigamiUSA is a national society devoted to origami. Get information on events, conventions and origami activities, as well as a comprehensive database of origami models, a glossary and a FAQ.

Origami by John Montroll
Look inside prolific author and paperfolder John Montroll's books containing models designed for all ages and abilities.

Origami Design Secrets
By Robert J. Lang

AK Peters, 2003
Lang’s book demystifies the science of origami design.

By Michael LaFosse

Rockport Publishers, 2000
A visual and written guide to today’s best-known origami artists.

Origami: From Angelfish to Zen
By Peter Engel

Dover, 1989
This classic instructional book includes origami history, mathematical explanations, diagrams and illustrations.

New Models in Origami Design

Le Crimp
Vincent Floderer’s site features a gallery and videos on paper “crumpling” (in French).

Origami-Math Bibliography
This extensive bibliography contains links to resources on mathematical origami. The site also includes a list of books with origami diagrams for a range of skill levels.

Origami Tessellations
Eric Gjerde’s site includes a blog and geometric origami designs.

Project Origami
By Tom Hull

A.K. Peters, 2006
Hull’s book contains origami-related activities in advanced mathematics.


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