The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

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  • About the Film

    Black-and-white photo of Stokely Carmichael speaking with reporters

    Swedish journalists came to the United States to document the anti-war and Black Power movements of the late 60s and early 70s. The Black Power Mixtape combines music, original 16mm footage, and contemporary audio interviews from leading African American artists, activists, musicians, and scholars.

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  • From the Blog

    Joslyn Barnes and Danny Glover

    Black Power Mixtape Co-Producer Danny Glover Opens Up

    Our friends over at The Progressive Magazine have generously allowed us to share their exclusive interview with Danny Glover, who co-produced The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975. In this interview, Glover reveals himself to be a deep thinker and a politically engaged artist.

  • Classroom Module

    Black and white circa early 1960s of young African American students in classroom.

    The film's educator guide introduces students to Angela Davis, a Black Power Movement leader whose critical perspective connected issues of gender, racial and economic oppression. Students pitch a documentary film in which they investigate the relationship between social injustices.

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  • Music is the Message

    In an image circa the 1970s, children play in a fire hydrant’s spray.

    The Black Power movement emerged at about the same time in America as the rise of funk and soul music. While very little funk, jazz, or R&B was overtly political, a steady stream of songs addressing the key ideas of the movement hit the radio. Here’s a virtual sampler, mixtape-style.

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  • Talkback

    : A soundman holding a directional microphone instructs children playing in the street in Harlem during filming circa the early 1970s.

    How much does the film’s portrayal of the Black Power movement match up to the popular historical representation of that movement as malevolent and anarchic?

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