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She was only 22 years old when she parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe in an effort to save the Jews of Hungary. But when poet and diarist Hannah Senesh was executed by the Nazis a year later, the modern-day Joan of Arc had already left behind a body of work and a legacy of bravery that would inspire generations to come.
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Roberta Grossman stands in the forefront on a beach directing filming, with five people in costume around her

The Making Of:

“I first read Hannah’s diary in junior high, and was captivated by her courage and touched by her vulnerability. For the past 20 years, as I’ve worked as a documentary filmmaker, my interest in Hannah has persisted.”   More >>

The Filmmaker:

“Raising money for documentaries is never a picnic... But then, a story, a problem, an issue that infuriates you comes along and you know you just have to make a film about it — and somehow, you find a way to do it.”   More >>
Roberta Grossman

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