Blood Brother

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  • 2013 IDA Humanitas Award
  • 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize
  • 2013 Thessaloniki Film Festival Audience Award
  • About the Film

    Rocky Braat and many of the kids and women of the home for the HIV-infected

    Rocky Braat’s life is changed forever when he travels to India and ends up working with HIV-infected children, who become an extended family for the disillusioned American. Devoting his life to them, Rocky’s playful spirit and determination in the face of despair prove to be an invaluable resource in this intimate, life-affirming documentary.

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  • Blood Brother Filmmakers Chat About Journey to India

    Blood Brother filmmakers

    The team behind Blood Brother talk about making such a personal, moving film that captured their friend's literal and spiritual journey to India. From how they all first met to addressing questions about Rocky's religious perspective, it's an intimate glimpse behind the film.


  • Talkback

    One of the children plays with Rocky by pinching his face

    Have you ever dropped everything to make a major life change because it’s more rewarding, as Rocky Braat does? Did you feel like he was taking a big risk or getting in over his head, in order to work with these children?

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