The Calling

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  • What's Your Calling?

    A screenshot of a website with video links and questions about faith in every day life.

    Through a growing series of interviews, videos, and articles, What's Your Calling? pushes the notion of "calling" to explore all of the stuff that makes us human: our values, our passions, our doubts, and hopes. Join a conversation about notions of "calling" from both religious and secular perspectives.

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  • About the Film

    A man in a suit and tie and yarmulke reads a on a subway station

    Meet seven young religious students — Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, and Jewish — who are on a dramatic journey as they train to become the next generation of professional clergy.

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  • Social Screening

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    The Calling: Live Preview and Panel

    On Thursday, December 9, Independent Lens debuted its Livestream channel on Facebook with an exclusive preview screening of the series The Calling. The extended preview screening was followed by a panel discussion with the stars of the film, as well as director Danny Alpert. The event has been archived so you can watch it at your leisure, right on our Facebook page.