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What’s Your Calling?

Inspired by the Independent Lens documentary, The Calling, and the accompanying video archive on the What’s Your Calling? website, this educator guide is designed for young adults on the verge of making important life decisions, defining who they are, and determining how to achieve their hopes and dreams. Short film modules and highly customizable lesson plans allow educators or youth group leaders to spark meaningful dialogue with teens and young adults and encourage them to develop a richer understanding of themselves and their possible futures.

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More Than a Mapp

More Than a Mapp is a free iPhone and iPod app that allows users to discover and contribute to the African American history that exists all around us. Using the location-enabled app can reveal sites of significance to black history in your city, encouraging you to upload map points of your own. More Than a Mapp is accompanied by an educator’s guide designed to contextualize the app in the classroom through discussion, debate, research, and hands-on activities.

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