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COMPAÑERAS profiles America’s first all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles. Founded in 1994, the band members shatter age-old stereotypes while expanding the popularity of mariachi music.

In a culture and a musical tradition that has always been male-dominated, these women are true pioneers.
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Two members of Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles sit on a couch in Mariachi attire. One has a laptop computer open on her lap, and there is a guitar on the couch next to the other.

The Making Of:

"Their reception [in Tijuana] was less enthusiastic than it is in the States. We learned that this is because female mariachi is still not taken seriously and even frowned upon in Mexico."  More >>

The Filmmakers:

"I hope that it provides a more candid, nuanced view of American women as artists, workers and mothers and encourages women to seek out ways to pursue their artistic passions."  Read more >>
Headshots of Elizabeth Massie and Matthew Buzzell

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