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Behind The Scenes

A balding man with an eye patch plays a white bass guitar, while visible in the background is Pat Spurgeon sitting at his drum set during a show. How did filmmaker Jim Granato’s friendship with Pat Spurgeon influence the creation of the film? Find out more about his process.

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Pat Spurgeon, wearing a surgical mask, looks at his hands as he rubs antibacterial solution on them. Filmmaker Jim Granato discusses how his friendship with Pat Spurgeon changed his understanding of what organ recipients go through.

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Filmmaker Jim Granato looks out a car window with his camera visible in the foreground. The scenery in the background is blurred from the car’s motion. Meet filmmaker Jim Granato, read his bio, learn his favorite films and more.

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A band performs in a darkened club with colored lights on the stage. In the foreground are visible fans crowding up to the stage. See who was involved in making the film.

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