Deaf Jam

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  • 2012 Japan Prize — Best Work of the Youth Category
  • About the Film

    Aneta Brodski signs onstage during a poetry slam performance as two other performers look on, her hands extended over her head as she looks up into the stage lights.

    Aneta Brodski, a deaf teen living in New York City, discovers the power of American Sign Language poetry. As she prepares to be one of the first deaf poets to compete in a spoken-word slam, her journey leads to an unexpected collaboration.

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  • A Tour of Deaf History

    Detail of a newspaper advertisement circa the 1940s depicting a woman seated with headphones connected to a huge console as a man holds up a record album for her to see. A description reads: With this machine, loud noises are sounded in the ears of deaf persons and, thus exercised, hearing improves.

    From Aristotle to Gallaudet, from the suppression of sign language in schools to the first deaf Miss America, the history of deaf America is the story of a language and a culture that have refused to be subjugated.

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  • Talkback

     Poetry slam performer Danny Biland signing intensely during a performance, his right index finger and thumb pointed towards his temple.

    Should American Sign Language Poetry be included in poetry and literature curriculum of U.S. schools?

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