Deep Down

Immerse Yourself in The Virtual Mine

An image inside the virtual world of Second Life, with a virtual reporter interviewing a virtual townswoman and a miner wearing a yellow hard hat.

In the Virtual Mine, a complete 3D environment and game in Second Life, you clear land and blow up mountains; go through the town to turn off as many electric items as possible and reduce the demand; build a sustainable grid with solar and wind power terminals; and try to solve the power crisis in Maytown.

The story unfolds in three chapters. If you are successful in solving all three problems, you will receive a ticket to the Community Jam, celebrating the culture and music of Appalachia with an old time music and square-dance party.

A screenshot from the Virtual Mine game shows a young woman with a ponytail floating over a Kentucky town.

Deep Down’s Virtual Mine is open for anyone to enter.
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A screenshot from the Virtual Mine game shows a mountain top mine covered with bulldozers and dragline machines digging coal from the ground.

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