Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

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  • 2014 Independent Lens Audience Award
  • About the Film

    Arnel Pineda leaping across the stage in front of cheering fans.

    In a real-life fairy tale, Filipino singer Arnel Pineda is plucked from YouTube to front the iconic American band Journey, and must deal with the pressures of replacing a legend while leading the band on their longest world tour in ages.

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  • Filmmaker's Journey

    Ramona Diaz

    Read an interview with filmmaker Ramona Diaz, on her own journey to make this feel-good documentary about Arnel Pineda. Diaz discusses the late night drives and sing-a-thons it took to finish the film, how the band gradually accepted her crew into their world, and whether she was a Journey fan before.

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  • Everyman's Journey Quiz

    Arnel Pineda and the rest of Journey

    Test your mettle as a rock 'n' roll fan in this quiz about iconic American band Journey. How much do you know or did you learn about the band's and Arnel's roots, and their widespread influence? Quiz yourself and find out.

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  • Talkback

    The band sits in front of a console for a radio interview

    Are you a musician or singer yourself? Have you ever tried out for an existing band (famous or not)? How would you adapt and fit in with an already well-established group? And if you’re a longtime Journey fan, how do you think Arnel has fit in with the veterans?

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