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A Sikh family with two parents, two sons and a daughter pose for the camera

Although there are 23 million Sikhs worldwide and more than 250,000 in the United States, Sikhism remains a source of misconception for many Americans, especially in the years following 9/11. One of the world’s major religions, Sikhism has been practiced for more than 500 years and emphasizes such beliefs as non-violence, social responsibility and equality for all.

A man with a beard and a red turban Myths and Realities
Learn about Sikh practices and beliefs, from long hair and head coverings to meat eating and gender equality.
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An illustration of a man with a beard and an intricate gold-colored headpiece History
How did Sikhism originate, and why? Learn more about the roots of this religion, from the 15th century to today’s worldwide Sikh diaspora.
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A beige-colored building with two smaller white domes on each side and a larger silver dome behind it Beliefs
Find out more about the basic tenets and beliefs of Sikhism, including the turban and the “5 Ks.”
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