A group of men, in a blue room with scarves draped on their necks are smiling and laughing, while a woman in African dress is in the foreground. An East Timor flag hangs in the background with the letters UDT on it. Kofi Anan stands at a podium speaking, while Sergio Vieira de Mello waits, hands behind his back, to the speaker’s side. The symbol of the United Nations, a globe surrounded by laurels, hangs prominently on a blue curtain behind them.
Born in Brazil, educated in France, Sergio Vieira de Mello tackled some of the past century’s most challenging humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts as the United Nations high commissioner for human rights. 

EN ROUTE TO BAGHDAD traces the respected diplomat’s extraordinary career around the globe—from Mozambique, Cambodia and East Timor to his tragic death in a 2003 Baghdad bombing.
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