A Film Unfinished

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  • 2010 Sundance Film Festival — World Cinema Documentary Editing Award
  • About the Film

    A man wearing a law-enforcement cap and a Star of David arm band is shown leading another resident of the Warsaw Ghetto away in this still from the film.

    An examination of a newly discovered reel from an infamous Nazi propaganda film exposes how the Reich manufactured scenes of life inside the Warsaw Ghetto.

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  • Talkback

    A black and white photo of a group of well-dressed men and women laughing and drinking cocktails around a table. A subtitle reads: The 'ladies' are to wear evening dresses

    Even in documentary film there is no possible way to achieve total objectivity. A Film Unfinished shows how easily we can be taken in by a carefully crafted piece of “realist” propaganda like that produced by the Nazi propaganda machine. How much faith do you put in what your eyes — and the “experts” — tell you is true?

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