Decade of Fire
Nov 4, 10 pm

Decade of Fire

  • BY Vivan Vázquez Irizarry, Gretchen Hildebran and Julia Steele Allen | IN Social Justice
    Premieres November 4, 2019

About the Film

In a lesser-known piece of New York history, the South Bronx looked like a war zone after an epidemic of fires in the 1970s. It was up to Vivan Vázquez Irizarry and other community leaders to save their neighborhoods. Abandoned by landlords and city officials, buildings burned almost continuously from an estimated forty fires a day that razed 80% of area housing stock and displaced a half-million residents. With the help of fellow survivors, Vivian tells the story of the brave advocates who banded together amidst the rubble and built a better future for their children.

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