The Interpreters
Nov 11, 10 pm

The Interpreters

  • BY Andrés Caballero & Sofian Khan | IN Immigration
    Premieres November 11, 2019

About the Film

More than 50,000 local interpreters helped protect U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, enabling soldiers to communicate with the local population. But those who took the job were often considered traitors. While some have reached safety, others are stuck in hiding — struggling for safety in the aftermath of war.  The Interpreters follows the stories of interpreters — like chain-smoking Iraqi “Phillip Morris” who escaped his homeland in 2011 and landed in Minnesota via the U.S. Special Immigrant Visa program — who face the impossible decision of waiting for paperwork that may never materialize or attempting a hazardous exit route to Europe. Meanwhile, hope dwindles for the thousands of interpreters seeking survival as a reward for their sacrifice.

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