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Photo Gallery

View a selection of work by Hansel Mieth.

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(Note: some of the thumbnail images have been cropped to fit on this page.)

Emma [Hansel's sister], 1949, from Return to Fellbach Neunstatten, 1948-49, from Return to Fellbach Cotton Picker Kid in California Valley, 1934 The Weighmaster Is Waiting, 1934
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1938 Night Meeting at the Cross Roads, 1936 Navajo sheepherder Migrant field workers, 1934
Nebraska poor relief, 1938 Nebraska father and son,1938 Japanese Grandfather in Oakland, 1934 Texas Cowboys and Their Offspring, 1940, from Texas Ranch
Boys on the Road, 1936 Road to Nowhere, 1936 American Grocery Store, Abbe Children, Denver, 1937 Migratory Workers' Government Camp, 1940

Photos by Hansel Mieth © Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

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