Hell and Back Again

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  • 2012 Academy Award Nomination — Best Documentary Feature
  • 2012 duPont-Columbia Award
  • About the Film

    An Afghan man squats in his home as an American Marine stands behind him, gesturing.

    Sergeant Nathan Harris led a company of Marines in Southern Afghanistan against a Taliban stronghold. But while war against a ghostlike enemy is unpredictable and frustrating, coming home — wounded and troubled — can be the most unsettling journey of all.

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  • The Making Of

    Combat photographer and filmmaker Danfung Dennis sits aboard a military helicopter, wearing a helmet and protective eyewear and a patch indicating he is with the press.

    Oscar Nominee Hell and Back Again Born of a Combat Photographer’s Frustrations

    We caught up with photojournalist Danfung Dennis to ask him about how a war photographer turns into an Oscar-nominated filmmaker. Read the interview with the filmmaker here and don't miss a clip of his reaction after finding out he'd been nominated for a 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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  • From the Blog

    Ashley Harris and Sgt. Nathan Harris

    Highlights from Hell and Back Again Screening with Sgt. Nathan Harris and Ashley Harris

    On Tuesday, May 30, we hosted a one-time live online screening of Hell and Back Again with the subject of the film, Sgt. Nathan Harris and his wife Ashley present to take questions. We were so moved by the experience, we're posting some of the highlights here.


  • Talkback

    Nathan Harris puts his forehead into his palm in pain as he sits in the front seat of his car at dusk.

    What responsibility do you think the military has to care for the physical and psychological injuries suffered by soldiers who see combat in places like Afghanistan and Iraq? Should spouses and families also receive compensation and support?

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