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The Film

Baltimore City Paper: Miss Manila
This interview with IMELDA filmmaker Ramona Diaz discusses the making of the film and its controversial response in the Philippines.

NPR: 'Imelda': An Intimate Portrait of Filipino Politics
Listen to Ramona Diaz in an interview with Morning Edition’s Bob Edwards about Filipino history and the making of IMELDA .

TIME Asia Magazine: Her Greatest Admirer
In this 2004 article, Marcos comments on how the filmmaker of IMELDA “tricked her into cooperating” on the project.

BBC News: Director Fights for Imelda Movie
Ramona Diaz talks about Marcos’s temporary court order, which banned the film’s screening in the Philippines in 2004.


BBC News: Imelda’s Crown Jewels To Go Under the Hammer
When the Marcoses fled Manila in 1986, customs officials seized “gems the size of golf balls and suitcases full of pearls”—up for the bidding in this 2003 article.

BBC News: Homage to Imelda’s Shoes
Learn about The Marikina City Footwear Museum, which contains hundreds of Marcos’s shoes, “making a subject of notoriety into an object of beauty.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Marcos Trail More Sobering Than Sensational
This 1990 article details Marcos’s U.S. trial for fraud and racketeering.

CNN: Imelda Marcos Runs for Philippines Presidency
Read about Marcos’s 1998 bid for the Philippines presidency and her many supporters, despite countless outstanding lawsuits regarding fraud and human rights violations.

Imelda: A New Musical
Learn about the musical production based on Imelda’s life presented by the Asian American theatre organization, the East West Players.

Divas: The Site: Imelda Marcos
This homage to political divas includes a short bio for Imelda Marcos, a collection of her personal quotes, trivia bits, a photo gallery, pictures of Marcos-related memorabilia and more.

Jewels of Imelda
See photographs of the elaborate jewelry Marcos smuggled out of the Philippines to Hawaii in 1986.

Imelda: Steel Butterfly of the Philippines
By Katherine Ellison
(McGraw Hill, 1988)
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ellison’s biography follows Imelda Marcos from her lonely childhood in the Philippines provinces to her self-glorifying power trip as a leader in “creative diplomacy.”


The Marcoses

BBC News: Manila Awarded Marcos Millions
In 2003, the Philippines Supreme Court awarded the government more than $350 million, believed to be part of the assets frozen in Swiss bank accounts.

Wikipedia: Ferdinand Marcos
Read a biography of Ferdinand Marcos, get links and a history of the Marcos administration.

Malacanang Museum: Philippine Presidents
Read biographies of all the past and present Philippine presidents, including Ferdinand Marcos, and view photos of the presidential palace.

BBC News: Philippines Cult Idolises Marcos
Learn more about a cult in Ferdinand Marcos’s home province where hundreds of members pay homage to the former president.

America’s Boy: A Century of Colonialism in the Philippines
By James Hamilton-Paterson
(Henry Holt, 1999)
This narrative history of the U.S.-supported Marcos regime examines American involvement and imperialism in Philippine history.

Inside the Palace: the Rise and Fall of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos
By Beth Day Romulo
(Putnam, 1987)
Written by a journalist who had insider access to the Marcos regime and the family’s private lives, this book details their corruption and power as well as Imelda’s significant political influence.

Waltzing With A Dictator: The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy
By Raymond Bonner
(Times Books, 1987)
Using nearly 3,000 previously classified documents, Bonner looks at the diplomatic history of U.S. relations with the Marcos regime in the Philippines.


The Philippines

PBS: Frontline World: Philippines—Islands Under Siege
This 2003 report on the guerrilla war in the Philippines’ Mindanao region features an extensive timeline of Filipino history, wars and rebellions and detailed information about the Marcos years.

BBC: Country Profiles: Timeline: The Philippines
This detailed timeline includes a chronology of key events from 1542 to the present, plus links to related news stories, features and photographs.

The Library of Congress: Country Studies: The Philippines
Read a country profile and a comprehensive history and learn more about related topics from agriculture to voting and elections.

Republic of the Philippines
Get the latest news on topics from agriculture to travel at the official government portal of the Philippines. Country Briefings: Philippines
Read recent articles on domestic and foreign politics and get a country profile, map, fact sheet and economic forecast.

CIA: The World Factbook: The Philippines
View a country map and get facts on geography, population, government and more.

Philippine Culture: History and Peoples
Learn more about the impact of Spanish and American colonialism in Philippines history and read a history of Philippine democracy.

The Philippines Reader: A History of Colonialism, Neocolonialism, Dictatorship, and Resistance
By Daniel B. Schirmer and Stephen Rosskamm Shalom
(South End Press, 1987)
This collection of more than 80 articles and documents reveals the history of Philippines social justice and popular struggle against foreign domination.


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