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Welcome to Indie Lens Storycast, a channel of short docuseries created by indie filmmakers, and developed by ITVS, showcasing stories that reflect the funny, strange, and dynamic world we live in. Stories begin September 2017. Subscribe to Indie Lens Storycast on YouTube now.

Indie Lens Storycast Press Materials

Iron Maidens
by Killer Impact
Producers: Adrienne Becker and Amber Guyton
6 Episodes, 8-10 minutes each
Series begins Sep. 12

The Iron Maidens (or “Fe Maidens”) are an all-girls competitive robotics team at Bronx Science High School—and one of the only all-female teams in the country. Follow these bright young ladies through “build season” as they design, build, and test their robot in a national competition. A revealing exploration of these fearless trailblazers and their connections to one another, Iron Maidens demonstrates how their combined efforts lead them to excel at solving problems no one expects them to. Maybe now people will stop saying “they’re pretty good at this—for girls.”

The F Word
by Nicole Opper and Kristan Cassady
6 Episodes, 8-10 minutes each
Series begins Sep. 14

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Nicole Opper and Kristan Cassady are a queer Bay Area couple who plan to adopt a child and decide they want to form their family by adopting from foster care. This comedic docuseries chronicles their journey into the foster care system to become fost-adopt parents, bumbling through a bureaucratic maze in order to learn everything they can. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part, but at least Nicole and Kristan have a sense of humor about the rollercoaster of emotions they are riding.

Divas of Karachi
by Senain Kheshgi
6 Episodes, 8-10 minutes each
Series begins Oct. 24

A group of prominent socialites, running their own businesses while juggling the chaotic demands of family life: You think this only happens in Beverly Hills or Atlanta? Divas of Karachi subverts a familiar genre, showcasing a country that is foreign to most viewers. This docuseries mixing reality TV humor and cinema verité follows a group of Pakistani trendsetters. They’re fashion designers, wives and mothers, interior decorators, entrepreneurs, teachers, and philanthropists – sometimes, all at once. Divas of Karachi celebrates the humor, fun, and passion from a part of the world too often associated with conflict and tragedy.

by Garland McLaurin
11 Episodes, 8-10 minutes each
Series begins Oct. 26

Pops tells three stories of African Americans from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and regions deeply engaged in the beautiful struggle of fatherhood. A new father must balance his career as an avid YouTuber with his wife’s postpartum depression; a formerly incarcerated writer strives to make a difference for others like him while being present for his toddler son; and a gay couple grapples with the challenges of guiding their adopted son into his teenage years. Each story, while very different, explores the universal themes of responsibility, nurturing, and love.

coming soon!

Self-Made Men
By Amy Goldstein, Anouchka van Riel
6 Episodes, 5-10 minutes each
Series begins Jan. 9

Self-Made Men follows the dynamic duo behind Original Plumbing (OP), a groundbreaking digital magazine for the trans community to speak up and out, for themselves. The cheeky twosome of photographer/artist Amos Mac, who was featured in HBO’s “The Trans List,” and rapper Rocco Kayiatos live in a world where there’s no set way to be a trans man, as they look for love, respect, and hey, is it too much to ask for a decent living, too? OP may have support from trans advocates on the frontline, like Kate Bornstein and Janet Mock, but Rocco and Amos struggle to stay financially afloat. This is the story of how these 21st-century entrepreneurs keep OP going, self-made men who can make it all happen.

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