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Learn from the Pros

How do they do it? Go behind the scenes and get real-life examples from documentary filmmakers. Sit in on conversations between up-and-coming indies and seasoned professionals as they share their personal take on tricks of the trade. From stop-motion animation and using archival footage, to gaining trust and telling personal stories, learn how independents meet creative challenges to get their story told in compelling ways.

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Curt Ellis & Ian Cheney
“Stop-Motion Animation”
Joanna Rudnick & Gordon Quinn
"Winning Trust from Your Subjects”
Stanley Nelson & Marissa Aroy
“Using Archival Footage”

Cassandra Herrman & Kelly Whalen
“Getting Beyond the Headlines”
Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar
"Finding your Point of View”
Denise Zmekhol
“Putting Yourself in Your Film”

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