Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

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  • About the Film

    Jean-Michel Basquiat looks into the camera from a seated position with his hands held up framing his face.

    Director Tamra Davis pays homage to her friend, the iconoclastic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in this examination of a brilliant life cut short.


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  • Director's Statement

    Jean-Michel Basquiat stands smiling in front of one of his canvases

    Tamra Davis explains why she locked her footage of her friend Basquiat in a drawer for two decades, and what it took to be sure a film about him took the full measure of the man.

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  • From the Blog

    Jean-Michel Basquiat smiles at the camera wearing a wide-brimmed hat

    Tamra Davis Remembers her Friend, Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Tamra Davis knew Jean-Michel Basquiat when they were both in their 20s. The Hollywood overachiever reflects on making a very personal film about a very tragic story almost entirely on her own.


  • Talkback

    Basquiat working on a painting which includes an image of a skull-like face.

    At what point does “illegal” art, such as graffiti tagging and wheat pasting, become high art? Who gets to be the arbiter of what constitutes “outsider art”?

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