JULY '64

Rochester Riot Timeline

1964: Nighttime on a dark street, three Caucasian New York State police wearing riot gear and holding nightsticks struggle to subdue a shirtless African American man 1964: Riot aftermath photo shows the looted storefront of Arthurıs Pharmacy, sidewalk is littered with debris. Three African American men pass by, and an African American woman looks at the camera as she steps around a large overturned machine that blocks the sidewalk
Whatever it was, it was out of control.  Some said it was an uprising, a riot, urban combustion.... it was a keg of dynamite and all it needed was a match.
—JULY ‘64

Summer, 1964: Three nights of rioting explode in two predominantly black neighborhoods in Rochester, New York. JULY ’64 recounts this significant event in the Civil Rights era and questions why so many American cities remain powder kegs of racial discontent today.
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