Jehovah's Witnesses

A man in a white shirt and tie stands in the street talking to another man with shoulder length hair

 A sign on a window that says “Jehovah’s Witnesses! STOP. Your request to visit is DENIED! LEAVE NOW!”

They won’t go to war or have abortions, following the conviction that life is sacred. Yet they will risk their own lives because they believe that refusing blood transfusions pleases God. They fight for their rights in courts, but they keep out of politics. They go knocking to talk about Jesus, but they won’t celebrate his birthday. Jehovah’s Witnesses are controversial, but also highly misunderstood.

Learn more about the beliefs and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses. What is their stance on Jesus, heaven and the Bible? And why don’t they celebrate birthdays? More >>

Supreme Court Cases
How have Jehovah’s Witnesses helped to influence modern constitutional law and civil rights? Find out about landmark Supreme Court cases regarding Witnesses and the Pledge of Allegiance. More >>

The Holocaust
Jehovah’s Witnesses’ staunch political neutrality has had profound historical costs. Read about the Witnesses and their roles and resistance during the Holocaust. More >>

Blood Beliefs
Why are blood transfusions prohibited among Jehovah’s Witnesses? Learn about Witness beliefs regarding blood and their past and present relationships with the medical establishment. More >>

Get a historical overview of the Witness religion, starting with founder Charles Taze Russell and his work in the late 1800s. More >>

Community Structure
Read about the community structure of Jehovah’s Witnesses, from the size and scope of individual congregations to larger issues of finances and leadership. More >>


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