Colombia's Rebels

Panoramic image of the sun setting behind a mountain casting amber light on a community of ramshackle dwellings and a small church built into a hillside. A young Colombian man in a baseball cap, baggy T-shirt and long basketball shorts stands holding a handgun in one hand, a cell phone in the other. On the bed next to him sits a young Colombian woman in a black t-shirt sits on a bed holding an infant in her arms.
With everything that's going on, with the war we’re living through ... we’re in too deep to think about the future. For now, there is no future.
					—Jesús Martinez, a 19-year-old paramilitary gunman

La Sierra, a poor neighborhood in the war-torn hills of Colombia, is ruled by a gang of brash young men, mostly teenagers, affiliated with the country's illegal paramilitary armies. 

Follow the lives of three young residents of La Sierra—two of them paramilitaries themselves—as they experience war, death and love.
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