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Filmmaker’s Site: Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV)
THE LAST COWBOY filmmaker Jon Alpert is the co-founder and co-director of DCTV, a national non-profit media arts center based in New York City.

The Cowboy Cowboy
Use this encyclopedic resource to get a wealth of information, facts and photos running the gamut from paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) to cowgirls and the significance of cowboys' presence in popular culture today. The West: Cowboys
Read first-hand accounts of early cowboys in the 1800s: a mixed group of cavalry, immigrants, Indians, Mexicans and African Americans who spent up to four straight months in the saddle.

National Geographic News: Vaqueros: The First Cowboys of the Open Range
Learn about the origins of vaqueros—the talented, hard-working Mexican cattle drivers who were the first cowboys of the American West and whose origins date back to the late 1500s.

The American West
“Round up” a vast amount of information from this homespun site, with links and listings covering a variety of topics related to the American West, from cowboys and critters to outlaws and pioneers.

The Thomas Ranch
The Thomas Ranch in Arizona has been family-owned and operated since 1902. Get their take on what it means to be a cowboy, brush up on your cow facts and learn about their “Adopt a Cow” program for “Internet ranchers.” Ranching
See which companies are thriving today as the cattle ranching industry continues to change and evolve.


Cowboy Culture

Cowboy Showcase
Get started on becoming a cowboy: make chuck wagon recipes, buy a saddle and learn cowboy etiquette. For more tips on doing it right, read up on the chronicles of famous cowboys.

Cowboy Songs
If you've forgotten the lyrics to all of your favorite cowboy and Western songs, look no further than this site. Use the Cowboy Songs index to search by title.

The Cowboy Cultural Society
The Cowboy Cultural Society showcases an Internet radio program featuring classic cowboy music, a virtual campfire and links to cowboy musicians.

Gathering Remnants: A Tribute to the Working Cowboy
View striking photos and accompanying text about cowboy culture today: from profiles of hard-driving buckaroos to chuck wagon fare, cowcamps, cowbosses and more on this companion site to the book by the same name.
Vern Sager’s son, Mark, competes in rodeos; an entertainment sport that provides cowboys a way to make money and showcase their athleticism. Learn about rodeo lifestyle and history and meet some riders on today’s pro circuit.

RFD-TV is a 24-hour television network “dedicated to serving the needs and interests of rural America and agriculture.” Programming offerings include video livestock auctions, agricultural news, traditional and ethnic music and equine industry coverage.


Cowboy Museums

Learn about cowboy and Indian culture, history and artifacts at these museum sites dedicated to the American cowboy:

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Autry National Center

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

High Plains Western Heritage Center

Buffalo Bill Historic Center


Porcupine, South Dakota

PBS: Homeland
Based on a documentary about four Lakota Indian families living on the Pine Ridge Reservation, this companion Web site shows life on the rez, Lakota ways, includes a timeline of Native American / U.S. relations as well as a recipe for authentic fry bread.

Trails and Grasslands: South Dakota: Pine Ridge Reservation
Read a first-hand account by a prairie-loving traveler who visited the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2002, bringing supplies to the Porcupine school. Delve into the history of the region as well, complete with links to related resources.

Wikipedia: Shannon County, South Dakota
Find out more about the county where Vern Sager and family live, Shannon, the second poorest county in the United States.

Porcupine, South Dakota Detailed Profile
Get statistical data on the Porcupine area including maps, weather, education and race.


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