Let the Fire Burn

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  • About the Film

    Police set up barricade during the 1978 confrontation outside MOVE headquarters.

    Using archival news coverage and interviews, Let the Fire Burn brings to life one of the most tumultuous but largely forgotten clashes between government and citizens in modern U.S. history, as a longtime feud between Philadelphia police and the controversial urban group MOVE came to a tragic climax in 1985.

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  • Jason Osder Explores an American Tragedy

    Filmmaker Jason Osder

    Philadelphia-raised filmmaker Jason Osder talks about what led him to make Let the Fire Burn his first feature documentary, his remembrances of the MOVE bombing tragedy as a kid, the film's expert use of archival footage, and the impact he hopes it has.

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  • Talkback

    MOVE members exit their headquarters during the 1978 confrontation.

    Were you at all familiar with the story of the MOVE tragedy before the film? What do you think the local government and police should or could have done differently? Have you been close to or have memories of another tragic standoff?

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