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Family Updates Find out what has happened with the families in A LION IN THE HOUSE since the completion of the film. Updated April 2006.

The Woods Family

Tim Woods lost his battle to Hodgkin's lymphoma while in his teens. Marietha Woods, Tim’s mother, is still engaged to Ron Thomas. They now share a home in northern Ohio, in the small city of Massillon, where Marietha moved a few years after Tim's death. Marietha felt the neighborhood in Cincinnati where she lived was growing too dangerous, and that moving to Massillon, where her father lives, would be a better choice for her and her teenage daughter Taletha.

Taletha Woods, Tim's younger sister, recently graduated with honors from high school. She and her long-term partner Charles Heston have a two year-old son, Zayvion, who bears a striking resemblance to Tim.

Marietha and her fiance dancing
Marietha Woods at her 40th birthday party in spring 2005, dancing with her fiance Ron Thomas

The Lougheed Family

After three years of intensive treatment, Alex Lougheed lost her struggle against leukemia at the age of seven. Scott and Judy, Alex’s parents, still live north of Cincinnati, Ohio, where Scott runs his window blinds business. Alex's older sister Brittany is a veterinarian technologist. She will marry in October.

Alex's younger sister Jackie is now in the eighth grade. She plays on the softball team and is active in 4H. This summer she will enter a pig at the Hamilton County Fair, moving up from the rabbit category to a large animal.
Jackie, Judy and Scott smile for the camera
Jackie, Judy and Scott Lougheed at a county fair, where Jackie competed in the rabbit show

The Ashcraft Family

Justin passed away at age 19, after ten years of bravely battling leukemia. The extended Ashcraft family still lives in and around Florence, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, and Adam and his wife Shelly live north of the city. Debbie Ashcraft, Justin's mother, married Rod Kenner in 2002.

Dale, Susan, Debbie and Rod are the proud grandparents of three: Sydney, age six; Cameron, age five; and Ian, age three. Sydney and Ian are the children of Justin's brother and sister-in-law, Adam and Shelly. Cameron is the daughter of Justin's sister Jennifer. 

With great sadness, Debbie announced that her mother, Justin's feisty grandma Rita, passed away March, 2006.

Debbie still works at an area credit union and Jennifer works at a bank. Dale works for Cincinnati Bell. Susan, who throughout Justin's cancer battle was herself fighting thyroid cancer, continues her fight.

A proud Debbie smiles as she holds her infant grandchild
Debbie Kenner and her first granddaughter, Sydney Ashcraft

The Moone Family

Frank, Beth, Natalie and Jen Moone still live in Mariemount, just outside of Cincinnati.

Jen and Natalie are active and excellent basketball players, and Jen plays on a lacrosse team.

Jen continues to impress everyone with the systems she has developed to overcome the perceptual disability caused as a result of her chemotherapy.

Beth and teenage Jen smile
Beth and Jen Moone

The Fields Family

Regina Fields and her son Al, now 19 years old, still live in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati. Regina continues to raise her nieces and nephews.  She is helped by her mother, Jeannette Fields, the matriarch of the family, and by her sisters and brothers. Al received his high school diploma in January 2006.

In 2003, Regina and Al flew to Austin, Texas to meet Lance Armstrong, and to present an excerpt from A LION IN THE HOUSE at the annual Ride for the Roses weekend, sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Before an audience of over 1,000 people, Al, Regina, Dr. Fred Huang and filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar talked about the film in a discussion moderated by Armstrong.

In 2004, Al finally went to cancer camp in Colorado, spending a week at the First Descents kayaking camp for young adult survivors of childhood cancer. Al loved the experience and won many awards there for his excellent participation and skills. In 2006, he fulfilled another long-time dream: to attend an NBA game, where he saw the Cleveland Cavaliers pull out a narrow victory over the L.A. Lakers.

Al hopes to find meaningful employment this summer, and to save up enough money to buy a car.

A grown Al stands in front of a mountain as the sun sets on the horizon
Al Fields at kayaking camp in Colorado (summer 2004)

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