Lost Sparrow

  • About the Film

    A photograph of the Billings Family in front of their mansion in New York.

    In 1978, two Crow Indian brothers ran away from home and were found dead the following day on the railroad tracks. Lost Sparrow is their adoptive brother's journey to bring Bobby and Tyler home and confront a painful truth that shattered his family.

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  • Family Album

    Nine of the Billing children are pictured around a kitchen table in their pajamas.

    The Billing family was exceptional in many ways. Four biological children, and six adopted children, all living in a 12-bedroom mansion in upstate New York. These photos from Filmmaker Chris Billing, who was 16 when Bobby and Tyler were killed, are a glimpse into a family before it is shattered.

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  • From the Blog

    The four Crow children pose for a picture, two boys and two girls

    Lost Sparrow Director Discusses Excavating Family Secrets

    Bobby and Tyler Billing ran away on a Monday. Their bodies were discovered on the train tracks on Tuesday. They were buried on Wednesday. Their family moved to their summer home on Thursday and barely spoke of the boys again. Chris Billing talks about lifting the veil of secrecy and shame from his family's history.

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