Filmmaker Bios

Catherine Gund, Sedika Mojadidi and Jenny Raskin
Catherine Gund, Sedika Mojadidi
and Jenny Raskin

Sedika Mojadidi

Sedika Mojadidi is an Afghan American filmmaker who has produced television and independent projects including two experimental documentary shorts on Afghanistan, Kabul, Kabul (2000) and Zulaikha (2002), distributed by Third World Newsreel. Her work has been broadcast on PBS, The Learning Channel and The Discovery Channel.

Jenny Raskin

Jenny Raskin’s documentary work has been broadcast on The Sundance Channel, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Health Channel, A&E and NPR. Her feature documentary, On Hostile Ground, was released theatrically to critical acclaim and was aired on The Sundance Channel.

Catherine Gund

Catherine Gund’s acclaimed documentary work includes Emmy-nominated A TOUCH OF GREATNESS (Independent Lens 2005), Making Grace, Hallelujah!, On Hostile Ground and others which have aired on the Sundance Channel, PBS and in theatrical release.

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