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When immigrants come to America, they bring their culinary tastes and talents with them. Favorite dishes inject a little taste of home into a new environment. As immigrant communities form, restaurants and specialty groceries proliferate, adding to the rich medley of American cuisine.

Some foods introduced by immigrants have not only become a regular part of the American diet, but have become Americanized. From Taco Bell on the go, to salsa in the supermarket, there’s some version of Mexican cuisine available in almost every community across the country.

Each of the families in The New Americans brings a palate and recipes unique to their region of the world. The Nwidors bring us West African peppersoup, Naima and her family show us the Arabic speciality maklouba and Anjan and Harshini share one of their favorite vegetable dishes, Bisi Bele Baath. Since Ricardo and Jose can't seem to find chicken they like the U.S., we've found a traditional Dominican chicken recipe that will make their mouths water, and Ventura brings us a taste of the real Mexico with nopales and calabacitas.
Featuring these recipes
Nopales have been popular as a food source in Mexico for hundreds of years. Recipe >
Pepper soup from Western Africa, really doesn't have any more pepper than many other African soups. Recipe >
Maklouba is a dish traditionally made for celebrations or for welcoming visitors or family members who have been away. Recipe & video >
Pollo Loco a sweet, spicy, “crazy” Dominican dish, combines unexpected ingredients and celebrates the colorful flavors of Caribbean cooking. Recipe >
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