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The Indian Technical Worker
Anjan Bachu

In the crowded city of Bangalore, India—known as the country's Silicon Valley—Anjan Bacchu, a successful computer programmer, is planning to apply for a job in the U.S.

"I have about five years of experience in India," he says. "It started to dawn on me that the scope of my career would be helped if I take it to the highest peak. I’d like to become a kind of expert in all the technologies so that I can use it when I come back to India."

Anjan is especially interested in the Internet and e-commerce. "The amount of knowledge that can be shared so cheaply by lots and lots of people is really amazing," he says. "And I feel that the Internet can make a lot of difference to India."

Before he applies for jobs in America, the practical Anjan wants to find and marry a traditional Indian wife. "My father, he was thinking of me as a kind of burden, that I wasn’t married," he says.

In a modern twist on the Indian tradition of arranged marriages, Anjan uses an online marriage bureau to find a wife. Anjan says he wants a "complete woman. She should be able to complement me, not compete with me. She should know English, because I’m going abroad. She should be enthusiastic, hard working, honest. I've got a very big list, in fact."



Anjan at work

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