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A cartoon of George Bush re-enacting the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, standing barefoot on a box holding electrical wires and draped in an American flag robe with a triangular hat on the ground. The caption reads: “The Cover-Up.”
George W. Bush re-enacts the torture cases led by American military personnel at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. According to Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson, “The best characters are always rooted in truth, and Paul Conrad’s caricatures of George W. Bush I think are rooted in truth.”

Los Angeles Times (2004)
Courtesy of Tribune Media Services

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A. Okolo
New York City, N.Y

Talented Bush depiction as is typical of this modern day genius,Paul Conrad. He reminds us of the good old days when folk were independent individuals and not conservative or liberal. I am deeply touched to learn that Paul's Catholic upbringing was instrumental to his character formation and commitment to social justice and goodness; a tremendous tribute to that church. Very unfortunate that newspapers take this art form as an aside and do not dedicate the proper budgetary resources. This rare and fascinating genre of Political Cartooning that combines deft political analysis with compelling artistic rendition better be more propagated for public consumption and not repressed.


I would agree that good political cartoons strike a cord with readers because they are rooted in truth. The images we all witnessed from the Iraqui prisons go against our American values and we should all be shocked at what is being done in "our name."


I am amazed by Paul Conrad's ability to conjure so much commentary with one image.

Carrie Robinson
Los Angeles

George Bush continues to cover up, day after day. This Conrad illustration is spot on! Abu Ghraib is just one of the many misfortunes heaped upon the American people and the Iraqis since the U.S. began this war--too long ago. Conrad makes it all so clear.

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