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A cartoon of Geroge H. Bush standing with a giant gun in one hand and a wire clothes hanger in the other. The caption reads: “A Kinder, Gentler Nation.”
Bush’s “kinder, gentler” slogan comes under attack in this cartoon, with Conrad criticizing his contradictory pro-weapons and anti-abortion stance.

Los Angeles Times (1984)
Courtesy of Tribune Media Services

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Paul is on the mark with this one! I'm anti-abortion but still pro-choice. I think if we educate kids they'll stop getting pregnant. I think if we stop rewarding unwed mothers with a free ride, the word will get out. And I think that we have a history of displaying how little we actually value human life in America that he makes a great hypocritical point. If we were worried about innocent life would we be bombing and killing thousands of innocent civilians?

Petoskey, MI

I thought we had to prevent abortions so we could provide enough cannon fodder. Now we just want to provide enough shooters ourselves.


Many were shocked at Paul Conrad's direct messages concerning the administrations of the time. However, Paul Conrad WAS AGAINST ABORTION. I don't think that he is saying being anti-abortion is ungentle and unkind. In this cartoon, he is simply drawing a comparison between the President's stand on abortion and his push for distribution of WMD's to Iraq, as well as the Gulf war.

A. Okolo
New York City, N.Y

I strongly disagree with Paul Conrad that being anti-abortion is unkind and ungentle. Killing an unborn baby is unkind and ungentle. As much as I loathe George H.W's style; he was right on life, that is assuming he actually meant it, as we now know that most of those so-called pro life politicians also want evryone who makes a small mistake to be sentenced to death or life without parole. Angry, hate-filled hypocrites claiming to be Christian but are not (just vicious beings)who want to make war for fun.

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