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Welcome to the Independent Lens lesson plans for THE POLITICAL DR. SEUSS. These two lessons examine how the famed children's author was influenced by the political and social issues of the day, including racism, injustice and especially World War II. Students will also examine how important ideas and themes are addressed in their own favorite books and analyze political cartoons, past and present.

These lessons are directed toward grades 7 through 12, for use in the following subject areas: language arts, social studies, art and civics.


1. Universal Themes in Dr. Seuss
Grade levels: 9 to 12
Dr. Seuss's major books contain powerful messages about themes of great importance in American history and society. Use this lesson to decipher the political views of Dr. Seuss in his most famous works, as well as those of other famous authors.
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2. Political Cartoons
Grade levels: 7 to 12
After exploring how political and social messages are conveyed through the work of Dr. Seuss and other artists, invite students to create their own political cartoons concerning a current domestic or foreign policy issue.
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