Gallery: Race as Art

A barefooted Mickey Mouse-outfitted body with a Sambo head, with plump, red lips, nappy hair and white-gloved hands is whistling and high stepping. The word “BEWARE” is painted on a yellow background at the bottom of the poster-like painting. A headshot of Kate Rigg A headshot of Boots Riley A headshot of Mayda del Valle
“The color of my skin still marks me as an alien in the country of my birth.”
--Mayda del Valle

What does it mean to be a U.S. citizen when you’re a Pacific Islander? A Native American? Or an African-American, Latino or Asian American? 

Going beyond the buzzwords of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity,’ RACE IS THE PLACE, is a hip hop, fast-moving documentary jam, where the political becomes personal. Using spoken word, song and just plain rants, a diverse group of authors and artists take on the topic of race in America.
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