The Revisionaries

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  • 2013 Independent Lens Audience Award
  • 2013 duPont-Columbia Award
  • About the Film

    Don McLeroy with book shelves and a bulletin board in the background

    There is an ongoing culture war raging in Texas, and it is a tempest in a textbook. The state’s Board of Education has been engaged in a pitched, years-long battle over what belongs (and doesn’t) in a public school textbook with the next generation’s education held hostage in the struggle.

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  • Striking a New Balance

    Don McLeroy talks to a Fox News reporter

    Revising The Revisionaries

    Much has changed since the making of this film. In 2011, the Texas Legislature shifted authority to order textbooks from the state to individual school districts. The law deprived the once hugely powerful state board of education of final say in textbook content.

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  • Filmmaker Q&A

    Filmmaker Scott Thurman seated with Don McLeroy

    Interview with the Revisionaries Director Scott Thurman

    We sat down with filmmaker Scott Thurman to discuss what went on behind the scenes of his film, which chronicles the oft-rancorous battle over Texas textbooks. He considers the film a tragicomedy, and says most people are both alarmed and amused to find out how this political process works.

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  • Talkback

    Students in a classroom write in notebooks

    Texas is one of the nation's largest textbook markets because it is one of the few where the state decides what books schools can buy rather than leaving it up to local districts. What is your opinion of this policy? Do you think textbook standards should be set at the local or state level?

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