The Revolutionary Optimists

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  • About the Film

    Amlan Ganguly sits outside with several smiling children.

    Former attorney Amlan Ganguly doesn’t simply rescue children living in Calcutta’s slums. He empowers them to transform their own neighborhoods and lives—cleaning up trash dumps, going to school, reducing malaria infection. Follow Amlan and three of the children he works with as they fight for the better future he encourages them to believe can be theirs.

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  • Put Your Community on the Map

    Two Indian girls plan a map of their community.

    Map Your World is a multi-platform project that puts the power of new technologies into the hands of young change agents, enabling them to map, track, and improve the health of their own communities and then share their stories of change with each other and with the world.

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  • Finding Hope in Kolkata's Slums

    Filmmakers Nicole Newnham and Maren Grainger-Monsen

    We recently spoke with acclaimed filmmakers Nicole Newnham and Maren Grainger-Monsen about what led them to make The Revolutionary Optimists, how the film is already making an impact, and what some of the film's subjects are doing today.

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  • Talkback

    Kajol, 11 yr old child laborer and budding activist, in the brickfield outside Calcutta where she lives and works.

    Although activists like Amlan Ganguly are helping to make great strides in poor communities, there remain seemingly insurmountable obstacles toward permanent change. What do you feel are the barriers to such changes taking place? What solutions might occur in order for slum neighborhoods to be lifted out of poverty?

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