Underground Railroad


Filmmaker Bios

Headshot of Jim Butterworth Jim Butterworth
Co-founder and co-principal of Incite Productions as well as a technology entrepreneur, Butterworth has founded and has led several successful Internet companies and a top-performing venture capital fund from 1999 to 2002. He is also a pioneer in Internet streaming audio and video development and holds six patents in the field. Butterworth holds a B.S. in industrial and systems engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an M.B.A from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College. SEOUL TRAIN is his debut film.

Headshot of Lisa Sleeth Lisa Sleeth
Co-founder and co-principal of Incite Productions, Sleeth is a registered nurse specializing in high-technology critical care and public health education. In addition to working as an intensive care nurse, Sleeth specializes in assisting NGO [non-governmental organization] personnel and refugees in unsecured, volatile regions. She has participated in medical relief efforts on five continents, including the treatment of Kosovar refugees in Albania for the United Nations. Sleeth holds a B.S. in nursing from Washington State University. SEOUL TRAIN is her first film.

Headshot of Aaron Lubarsky Aaron Lubarsky
A critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Lubarsky’s work has screened at numerous festivals and theaters and on broadcast television worldwide. In 2003, Lubarsky won the Prime Time Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Picture Editing for HBO’s Journeys With George. He also received an International Documentary Association Award and a student Academy Award for his film Wayne Freedman’s Notebook. In 2001, his film Uncle Eugene won the Documentary Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco Film Festival. Lubarsky holds a B.S. in political science from UC Davis and an M.A. in documentary film from Stanford University. He has also worked as an editor at LucasFilm.

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